Dashing Whippets Beer Mile Invitational
New York, NY

Conditions: 50 degrees

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created by user dwrt

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Todd Zino  8:49.0  M34From can  
2. Marvin Yang   8:58.0  M28From can  
3.Anthony Watkins  9:30.0  M34From can  
4. Scott Batten   9:49.0  42From can  
5.Colin Dungin  10:11.0  MFrom can  
6. Emily Raisch   10:13.0  F24From can  
7.Jyrki Ruohomaki  10:22.0  M36From can  
8. Matt D   10:32.0  MFrom can  
9. Jim Coniglio   11:07.0  M29From can  
10.Anna McCusker  11:43.0  F31From can  
11. Rich Hsieh   12:07.0  M29From can  
12.Yosuke Matsumura  12:52.0  M28From can  
13.Arman Asbaghi  13:50.0  M36From can  
14.Anne Barry  14:00.0  F25From can  
15.Mishka Vertin  16:30.0  F32From can  
16.Brian Cicero  16:34.0  M35From can  
17.Matthew Wong  18:11.0  M33From can  
18.Warren Lim  26:20.0  M28From can  
19.Keri Ouellette  DNF  F30From can  
20.Jason Wah  DNF  M32From can  
21.Gerry Javier  DNF  MFrom can  

Race Notes:

2nd annual Whippets Beer Mile on the East River Park Track with NBR and a few other guests.

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