Lambert/Brown Wedding Invitational Beer Mile
Victoria, BC

Conditions: 9:50 pm start - warm clear night - no wind

created by user mbrown

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Jason Ruus  7:47.0  M32Big Rock Grasshopper, from can  
2.Nigel Mayes  7:49.0  M31Lucky, from can  
3.Peter Sammon  7:56.0  M15Molson Ice, from can  Note the age. Peter lives in the UK, and we believe this could be a European or even world Junior record
4. Matthew Brown   7:58.0  M30Big Rock Grasshopper, from can  couples time with Jodi Lambert: 16:54
5. Tom Brown   8:40.0  M25Big Rock Grasshopper, from can  couples time with Emily Marshall: 18:34
6. Matt Fedoruk   8:54.0  M28Big Rock Grasshopper, from can  
7.Jodi Lambert  8:56.0  F31Big Rock Grasshopper, from can  3 beer version
8.Emily Marshall  9:54.0  F23Big Rock Grasshopper, from can  3 beer version
9.John Warrington  9:59.0  M38Granville Island Pale Ale, from can  couples time with Claire Warrington: 22:45
10.Danielle Fischer  10:04.0  F30Kokanee, from can  
11.Ian Winter  11:22.0  M34Big Rock Grasshopper, from can  
12. Mateo Ayala   11:42.0  M31Big Rock Grasshopper, from can  
13. Richard Brown   12:23.0  M54Kokanee, from can  
14.Claire Warrington  12:46.0  F30Granville Island Honey Lager, from can  3 beer version
15.Brett Flynn  14:50.0  M29Kokanee, from can  Penalty Lap. Couple's time with Susan Szubert: 29:40
16.Susan Szubert  14:50.0  F30Kokanee, from can  3 beer version, penalty lap assessed
17. James Aldridge   14:56.0  M30Big Rock Grasshopper, from can  Penalty Lap assessed
18.Jung Hwa Kim  DNF  F22Big Rock Grasshopper, from can  A valiant effort

Race Notes:

18 runners (6 women - 1 DNF) All by invite only as part of celebrations for the wedding of Jodi Lambert and Matthew Brown held on August 10th. Age range from 15 to 54. Event was held at Oak Bay Rec Centre/High School Track in Victoria, BC. Photographs to be submitted later. I believe there is video of the event, but I haven't seen it yet.

The third place finisher - Peter Sammon - is 15, and lives in the UK. We believe his time may be a European, or even world junior record.

Also, we added a couples combined time event - something we would encourage others to do. People ran individual races, but married or otherwise partnered male and female couples times were added at the end to determine the couple's champion. Fittingly, Jodi Lambert and Matt Brown - the couple getting married 2 days later - were the winners with a compbined time of 16:54 (Jodi did the 3 beer event).

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