4th Annual Gemini Beer MIle
Vancouver, BC

Conditions: Clear, cool evening.

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NameTimeSex Beer Notes
1.Jonathon Silcock  6:35.0  MCanadian, from can  
2. Paul Purin   6:40.0  MCanadian, from can  
3. Kent Williams   6:44.0  MCanadian, from can  
4. Steve Cork   6:50.0  MRainier, from can  
5.Stephen Symon  6:51.0  MCanadian, from can  
6. Eric Langhjelm   6:52.0  MCanadian, from can  
7. Brice Evans   6:53.0  MCanadian, from can  
8. Peter Cardle   7:37.0  MCanadian, from can  
9. Frank Lucarelli   7:38.0  MCanadian, from can  
10.Pawel Szopa  7:40.0  MCanadian, from can  
11. Andrew Ferguson   7:43.0  MRainier, from can  
12. Gavin Arthur   7:57.0  MKokanee, from can  
13.Doug Keir  8:19.0  MKokanee, from can  
14.Frank Gigliotti  9:14.0  MBudweiser, from can  
15. Terry Bushnell   9:15.0  MCanadian, from can  
16. Bobbi-Jo Evans   10:12.0  FCanadian, from can  
17.Steve Knoll  10:43.0  MKokanee, from can  
18.Ctherine Yoell  11:34.0  FCanadian, from can  
19.Kristine VanKleef  11:44.0  FRickards, from can  
20.Patrick De Sousa  12:37.0  MOK Spring Pale Ale, from can  
21.Peter Kindret  13:37.0  MGranville Island Lager, from can  
22.Keith Iwasaki  14:02.0  MOK Spring Pale Ale, from can  

Race Notes:

The 4th Annual Gemini Beer mile was contested in Vancouver, BC, Canada, on
Friday, September 13th. The race, usually held to celebrate summer
birthdays in June, was delayed this year due to one of the birthday people
being pregnant and the previous years' race organizer having some serious
adventure racing training to do, which prevented her from giving beer mile
promotion her full attention.

At 7pm, 32 athletes gathered to race -- the biggest turnout yet. Of the 32,
there were 25 did official beer miles (22 men and 3 women) and 7 did
non-standard beer miles.

Spectators guessed at which of the favourites -- including Kent Williams,
Peter Cardle and Steve Symon-- would win. As shown in the video
(LINK), Stephen Cork of Vancouver/Seattle was quick out of the gates but
faded on his last beer, while Jonathan Silcock, dark horse from North
Vancouver, won the event in 6:35. Top woman finisher was Bobbi Jo Evans in 10:12.

Winners were crowned at a post-race party which continued on well into the
night. Thanks to organizers, athletes, volunteer timers, and our two
unexpected sponsors, bringing prizes and donuts!

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