2nd Annual Beach Beer Mile
Sarnia, ON

Conditions: Delicious

created by user Jorgy

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Mike Callaghan   8:25.0  M22Export, from can  ran last 100 metres naked
2. Mark Linseman   8:51.0  M17Export, from can  
3. Joe "J'orgy" Linseman   9:41.0  M22Export, from can  competed in g-string
4. Wes "The Animal" Dawkins   9:59.0  M21Export, from can  also competed in g-string
5.Matt Flemming  11:40.0  M20Export, from can  
6.Chris St. Amand  13:30.0  M20Export, from can  
7.Greg Hornblower  13:44.0  M20Export, from can  
8.Heather "H-Mac" McLoed  14:30.0  F20Export, from can  
9.Shannon Coles  15:07.0  F20Export, from can  
10. Andrew M   15:26.0  M17Export, from can  
11.Matt Kloske  18:39.0  M20Export, from can  
12.Bill Chafe  20:53.0  M20Export, from can  
13.Kurtis "Champ" Nelson  22:02.0  M20Export, from can  
14. Geoff "Shoe" Shoesmith   24:35.0  M21Export, from can  ran entire race dressed as crucified jesus
15. Joe Turner   26:43.0  M20Export, from can  

Race Notes:

Fabulous t-shirts and splendid trophies.
Thrilling contest for best dressed won by Shoesmith.

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