Hull Beer Mile for Breast Cancer II
Hull, PQ

Conditions: Variable Clouds, 14 degrees

created by user william_moylan

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Luc Cousineau   6:40.0  M27From can  Confirmed by video by
2. William Moylan   8:24.0  M27From can  
3.Jean-Luc Vachon  9:53.0  M26From can  
4. Hugo Drouin   10:35.0  M27From can  
5.Bruce Chriastianson  11:18.0  M24From can  
6. Kenan Gouadec   12:30.0  M24From can  
7.Patrick "Killer" Guay  12:34.0  M23From can  
8.Joel Guay  12:39.0  M26From can  
9.Alex Caron  12:41.0  M24From can  
10. Martin Cousineau   12:54.0  M19From can  
11.Eric Cousineau  13:30.0  M28From can  
12.France Mongeon  14:22.0  F27From can  
13.Julie Noel  14:29.0  F23From can  
14.Carl Brouillette  14:36.0  M26From can  
15.Phil Gingras  14:56.0  M20From can  
16.Mike Sloan  16:37.0  M26From can  
17.Alexandre Tardif  17:04.0  M26From can  
18.Yves "Gus" Seguin  17:17.0  M27From can  
19.Veronique Parent  17:29.0  F22From can  
20.Julien Cazabon  18:36.0  M26From can  
21.Jason Racine  18:43.0  M25From bottle  
22. Martin "Sam" Samson   19:06.0  M27From can  
23.Oscar Valinas  19:23.0  M24From can  
24. Manu Savard   19:25.0  M23From bottle  
25.Jake Kucheran  20:18.0  M27From can  
26.Nadine Mongeon  25:54.0  F27From can  
27.Claudine Fugere  29:00.0  F22From can  
28. Josee Bourdeau   30:52.0  F26From can  
29.Jean-Philippe Matton  32:32.0  M25From bottle  
30.Marie-Pierre Desrosiers  33:10.0  F22From can  
31. Dominic Grenier   34:42.0  M27From can  
32.Hughes Therrien  DNF  M30From can  

Race Notes:

Started the event at 17h30 and had 3 waves of runners. Wrapped things up at 20h00. Ran at Mt-Bleu High School athletic track (400 meters). Raised over 500$ for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

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