The First Annual Western Fall Beer Mile - Men
London, ON

Conditions: night / cloudy

created by user pmcclell

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Dave Keeley   7:44.0  M19Stroh's, from can  Puked at the end
2. Peter M   8:05.0  M19Stroh's, from can  Puked A LOT at the end
3.Dan Polakoff  8:10.0  M18Stroh's, from can  Puked EVEN MORE at the end
4.Brendan Beamish  8:50.0  M19Stroh's, from can  Wore some short ass shorts
5.Mark Tagliaferri  9:12.0  M19Stroh's, from can  Kicked Kelly's ass
6. Ryan Kelly   9:15.0  M19Stroh's, from can  Very proud to not puke
7. Elia Macaluso   10:07.0  M19Stroh's, from can  Ran a penalty lap
8. Reid Black   11:32.0  M19Stroh's, from can  I need a haircut
9. Allan Bermingham   12:00.0  M19Stroh's, from can  My head is shaved for speed
10. Ryan O'Hagan   12:57.0  M19Stroh's, from can  First loser to the women's champ
11.Jon Adernetto  13:04.0  M19Stroh's, from can  Part of the 250 lbs. club
12. Justin Smith   13:50.0  M21Stroh's, from can  Stroh's BLOWS
13. Chris Rasmussen   15:40.0  M19Stroh's, from can  WORE A THONG
14.Josh Schwartz  17:24.0  M19Stroh's, from can  Hates Stroh's with a passion
15.Billy Strachan  17:28.0  M17Stroh's, from can  I'm on alcoholic probation why am I in a beer mile
16.John Mackenzie  19:34.0  M18Stroh's, from can  Swears he wasn't last

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