The First Annual Western Fall Beer Mile - Women
London, ON

Conditions: night / cloudy

created by user pmcclell

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Diana Charabin  12:20.0  F18Stroh's, from can  I am a tank
2.Rachael Benton  17:48.0  F18Stroh's, from can  I hate you Pete
3. Leslie Tabler   20:00.0  F19Stroh's, from can  At least I finished
4. Jen Sulpher   DNF  F19Stroh's, from can  My feet hurt
5.Nancy Gray  DNF  F18Stroh's, from can  The Stank
6.Tiffany Smith  DNF  F19Stroh's, from can  I love puking
7.Kristina Pyziak  DNF  F19Stroh's, from can  I don't like beer
8. Shannon Skelton   DNF  F19  I timed
9.Becky Pearson  DNF  F19  I timed too
10.Sarah Wylie  DNF  F19  I was a judge
11.Jori Hardin  DNF  F19  I was a DD

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