UWP Open
Platteville, WI

Conditions: windy, cold ~22

created by user hass

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Ryan Kleimenhagen   9:34.0  M20Old Style, from can  bootleg. :12,1:10,:35,1:15,1:21,1:10,1:39,1:04+1:08
2. Eric "the BigRedRefreshment (aka Jimmy)" Kopp   10:36.0  M23Coors Original, from can  :18,1:16,1:21,1:16,1:42,1:21,2:12,1:14
3. Tim "Coxwill" Willcox   11:54.0  M24Old Style, from can  :16,1:18,1:09,1:19,1:59,1:30,3:15,1:28
4. Chris Hass   13:37.0  M24Milwaukee's Best Ice, from can  :45,1:35,1:35,1:33,2:16,1:34,2:41,1:36
5.Jordan Williams  DNF  M20Old Style, from can  :48,1:22,1:14,1:27,3:03,1:39,dnf
6.Karl "crazy" Jensen  DNF  M23Old Style, from can  :26,1:41,4:16,2:26,dnf

Race Notes:

we're all kind of disappointed with our times. we can't really figure out why they were as slow as they were: weather, previous day's races, not eating much that day, --don't really know for sure. we got our splits though! and it was still fun as hell. special thanks to luke and dan, who did an awesome job with the splits

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