The First Annual Western Spring Beer Mile - Men
London, ON

Conditions: Clear, Windy, Night

created by user pmcclell

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Brandon Laan  7:27.0  M19Old Milwaukee, from can  I don't even drink!
2. Peter McClelland   8:27.0  M19Old Milwaukee, from can  Fuck I Hate Second Place
3. Ryan O'Hagan   8:29.0  M20Old Milwaukee, from can  MIP
4. Dave Keeley   9:10.0  M20Old Milwaukee, from can  Best Projectile Vomit
5. Brandon Lewis   10:10.0  M19Old Milwaukee, from can  I get hammered off 4 beers
6. Ryan Kelly   10:11.0  M20Old Milwaukee, from can  Winner of 'B' Division
7. Allan Bermingham   10:11.0  M19Old Milwaukee, from can  Mr. Controversy
8.Jason Wedlake  10:30.0  M20Old Milwaukee, from can  I Tried Hard
9. Reid Black   10:30.0  M20Old Milwaukee, from can  Captain of the 'B' Squad
10.Jason Carrier  12:04.0  M19Old Milwaukee, from can  This was a lot harder than I thought it would be
11. Mike Patterson   12:49.0  M22Old Milwaukee, from can  God im getting old
12.Bob Westman  13:41.0  M22Old Milwaukee, from can  My 48 speed did not help me one bit
13.Chris D'Estere  13:53.0  M20Old Milwaukee, from can  That was fucking tough
14. Chris Rasmussen   14:33.0  M19Old Milwaukee, from can  Longest flowing puke of the night
15.Sasha Bond  14:56.0  M19Old Milwaukee, from can  At least I finished

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