Wesleyan May Day Beer Mile
Middletown, CT

Conditions: Spring-y

Official Race Site

created by user boneyard

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Dave DiValerio   7:39.0  M20Miller High Life, from can  
2. Bryan "Commitment to Excellence" Bissell   8:09.0  M20Miller High Life, from can  barefoot
3. Aloysius Ambidexter   9:12.0  M20Miller High Life, from can  barefoot
4. Stephan "Stejpan" Wasilewski   12:30.0  M20Miller High Life, from can  
5.Matt Buccola  15:21.0  M23Miller High Life, from can  

Race Notes:

See Webpage, http://bbissell.web.wesleyan.edu/beermile_wesmayday2002.htm

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