Wesleyan T-Shirt Run
Middletown, CT

Conditions: nippy, sunny

created by user pbutler

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Jeffers "Spike" Egan  7:20.0  M20T-shirt  4 laps
2. Andrew "Eiffel Tower" Mitchell   34:35.0  M21T-shirt  18 laps
3.Chris "Christopher Robin" Shepard  34:35.0  M21T-shirt  18 laps
4. Andrew "Wheat Bread" Fuys   40:00.0  M21T-shirt  21 laps
5. Andrew "Iceman" Eisner   46:22.0  M21T-shirt  24 laps
6.Sarah "Token" Brodsky  46:22.0  F20T-shirt  24 laps
7. John "Red-Headed Stepchild" Raby   94:20.0  M18T-shirt  48 laps
8. Michael "Crazy Mikey V" Van Nimwegen   94:22.0  M19T-shirt  48 laps
9. Patrick "Lovepump" Butler   99:29.0  M19T-shirt  50 laps

Race Notes:

No beer was consumed during the race.

The official rules are as follows:

- a LAP consists of running 1/4 mile on a track, then putting on a t-shirt in the relay exchange zone
- a lap must be completed in under 2 minutes (8 minute mile pace) to continue
- t-shirts may not be taken off until the race is completed. This means after 12 laps, you have 12 t-shirts on and have run 3 miles.

The event was created in tribute to Andrew Fuys '96, who once ran 4 miles in 19 t-shirts (reasons unknown). No one really expected to get to 20, but pretty much everybody did. After about 40 shirts, all circulation is cut off to the body (including head), so knowing when it is safe to stop is impossible.

And, after 11 miles on the track, Butler, Van Nimwegen, and Raby were forced to start putting on shirts that would both a) fit and b) be available. This meant turtlenecks, button-downs, sweaters, and anything else that could be salvaged.

Raby didn't change for hours and showed up to the first track meeting of the year in 40 t-shirts and 8 sweaters. Go Beef!

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