SLR Summer BBQ Beer Mile
Vienna, VA

Conditions: Sunny and Breezy

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created by user beercoogan

NameTimeSex Beer Notes
1.Matthew "The Trezz" Pyle  7:54.0  MMickeys Big Mouth  
2.John "not-webguy" Warden  9:51.0  MMickeys Big Mouth  
3.Chris "refreshments" Kupczyk  10:03.0  MMickeys Big Mouth  
4.Morten "Great-Dane" Poulsen-Hansen  10:34.0  MMickeys Big Mouth  
5. Scott "dark horse" Ruplinger   11:10.0  MMickeys Big Mouth  
6.Max "Power" Reid  13:57.0  MMickeys Big Mouth  
7.Adam "ex-Late-guy" Stolzberg  15:41.0  MMickeys Big Mouth  
8.John "Host" Coogan  17:06.0  MMickeys Big Mouth  
9.Toni Marie "No-fear" Diegoli  17:24.0  FMickeys Big Mouth  
10.Eric "Z-man" Zander  24:41.0  MMickeys Big Mouth  
11. Michael J. "Boom-Boom" Fox-Boyd   26:58.0  MMickeys Big Mouth  

Race Notes:

This was the 3rd annual event. We drank Stroh's from the blue can, 2 Rolling Rock's from the bottle and Mickey's from the Big Mouth bottle.

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