The Team Stampede Beer Mile
Missoula, MT

Conditions: Clear, 80 degrees

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created by user jcrouch

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Mr. Todd Struckman  7:08.0  M33Pabst Blue Ribbon, from can  2 time defending champ
2.Randy Ristau  7:47.0  M32Pabst Blue Ribbon, from can  
3.Jeff Crouch  7:47.0  M33Pabst Blue Ribbon, from can  
4.Giles ""G"" Thelan  8:27.0  M34From can  
5. Greg Peters   8:43.0  32From can  
6.Maria Berger  8:45.0  F30keystone, from can  winning women
7.Luke Struckman  8:59.0  M24Bud Light, from can  
8.Mark "Kiwi" Legg  9:08.0  M28From can  
9.Alex "Big Al" Gallego  9:14.0  M32From can  
10.Graham Baskett  9:23.0  21From can  yeah- 21 hmm.
11.Matt Arndt  9:31.0  25Budweiser, from can  
12.Charlie "Big Dipper" Beaton  9:31.0  32Pabst Blue Ribbon, from can  
13.Jeff Bookwalter  10:31.0  29From can  
14.Leaf Jensboy  11:49.0  22From can  one lap penalty-pukage

Race Notes:

Racers were all members of Team Stampede except for those noted as Guest Team. Official Rules were followed. Track is a true mile.

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