2003 Northern Alberta Regional Championships
Edmonton, AB

Conditions: Calm, warm, dark

created by user BillDonahue

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Robbie N   6:35.3  MFrom can  Debut race
2. Krista "Kee-Kee O'" Beddoes   7:36.9  FBig Rock Grasshopper, from can  PB
3. Bill "Prime" Donahue   8:30.5  M36Budweiser, from can  PB
4. Blaine Woodcock   8:43.3  MFrom can  with penalty lap and 5th beer before it!
5. Matt "Tomato-Head" Norminton   9:04.3  MFrom can  Debut race
6. Mateo Ayala   19:44.2  MFrom can  
7.Todd "T-Mac" MacKenzie  24:14.5  MFrom can  
8.Shawn Kennedy  29:45.8  M18From can  Debut; penalty lap

Race Notes:

Another Not-Kyle beer productions produced some fantastic times this evening in sunny (but hazy) Edmonton. Krista Beddoes finished 2nd overall putting most of the men to shame and rookie beermiler Robbie N posted an extremely fast time, surely a sign of good things to come.

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