3rd Annual Canatara Beach Beer Mile
Sarnia, ON

created by user mark

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Mike Callaghan   7:40.0  M23Carlsberg, from can  jean shorts, KISS t-shirt
2. Mark Linseman   7:51.0  M18Export, from can  led race until 4th beer
3. Ciaran Carter   9:29.0  M22Carlsberg, from can  penalty lap, Iron Maiden shirt
4. Joe Linseman   11:13.0  M23Carlsberg, from can  cape, speedo, goggles
5. Dan Zinzer   14:01.0  M22Carlsberg, from can  
6. Andrew Montreal   18:40.0  M18Export, from can  
7. Kyle Knight   19:30.0  M22Export, from can  great sideburns
8. Ruthie Cooke   20:01.0  F22Export, from can  owns 4:51 mile PB
9.Jimmy Prine  22:55.0  M18Export, from can  vomited violently and frequently

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