2003 SOU Icebreaker Beer Mile Invite (SOBM-Grand Prix race 1)
Ashland, OR

Conditions: night-chilly

created by user floeckie

NameTimeSex Beer Notes
1.Dusty Waugh  6:00.5  MFrom can  
2.JJ Moses  6:33.5  MFrom can  
3.Ross Dexter  7:03.8  MFrom can  
4.Tyler Nitzke  7:21.4  MFrom can  
5.Ben Anderson  7:26.6  MFrom can  
6.Jeremy Klegseth  7:46.1  MFrom can  
7.Ryan Manies  8:03.4  MFrom can  
8.Colby Stone  8:15.0  MFrom can  
9.Scott Forbes  8:40.4  MFrom can  
10.Mallory Gordon  8:41.0  FFrom can  
11. Stephanie   9:22.5  FFrom can  
12.Brian Greig  9:58.1  MFrom can  
13.Kelala Poumpey  10:59.9  MFrom can  
14.Catalina Meyers  11:22.1  FFrom can  

Race Notes:

Cheers from 40 plus fans helped motivate Dusty Waugh to go make a run at the 6 minute mile barrier. Unfortunately Waugh came in at a heartbreaking time in 6:00.5. His tremendous effort was a good 33 seconds ahead of his next competitor JJ Moses. The top female finisher in the race was Mallory Gordon who beat a few guys in the 15 runner field. Stay tuned for further race results on the Southern Oreon Beer Mile Grand Prix throughout the winter and off season.

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