Rochester Championship 2004
Rochester, NY

Conditions: Cool and Rainy

created by user voetsch

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Alex Voetsch   6:10.0  M22Budweiser, from can  New Rochester Record!
2.Chris Schureman  6:23.0  M20Beast, from can  RIT
3.John "Crime Dog" Maigret  7:20.0  M20Budweiser, from can  UofR
4.Brian MacIllvain  7:44.0  M19Budweiser, from can  UofR
5.Adam Smith  8:33.0  M22Budweiser, from can  UofR
6.Steve "The Racoon Hunter" Duzlack  8:36.0  M23Budweiser, from can  UofR
7. John Booth   8:45.0  MFrom can  RIT
8.Curtis "Moose" Howard  9:09.0  M22From can  RIT
9.Adam McQueen  11:25.0  MFrom can  RIT
10.Neil "The Tooth" Janowitz  11:29.0  M22Budweiser, from can  
11.Andy Lang  11:44.0  M20Budweiser, from can  Thrower!
12.Terry Cordner  DNF  M21Budweiser, from can  Went over water pit
13.Sherman "Sherman" Abbot  DNF  M22From can  went over water pit
14.Chris Nolan  DNF  M20Budweiser, from can  

Race Notes:

A rainy day in Rochester. U of R crushed RIT in the dual meet score, 19-37. Had a great race up front with two low 6's. There will be pictures comming.

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