2004 Graduates/Post Conf. BeerMile
Platteville, WI

Conditions: ~60 degrees and calm

created by user hass

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Erik Bartleson   6:41.1  M20IceHouse, from bottle  :15,:69,:30,:69,:33,:72,:45,:67
2.Nate "Panama" Warnberg  7:29.1  M20MGD Light, from bottle  :24,:69,:41,:68,:47,:68,:63,:65
3. Pete "mother fuckin'" Nichols   7:34.0  M23MGD Light, from bottle  
4. Tim Jankowski   7:43.0  M21IceHouse, from bottle  
5. Andres "the Chilean" Young   8:27.0  M21IceHouse, from bottle  :22,:71,:49,:81,:50,:78,:33,:81
6. Ben "milk crate" Henderson   8:45.0  M21MGD Light, from bottle  miscued splits
7. Chris Hass   9:27.0  M26IceHouse, from bottle  :38,:81,:66,:82,:68,:83,:66,:79
8.Isaac Dettman  9:27.8  M26IceHouse, from bottle  
9. Carla Kegel   9:47.0  F21MGD Light, from bottle  :22,:94,:60,:95,:52,:92,:76,:94
10.Dan "Duke" Altieri  10:49.0  M19MGD Light, from bottle  hitawall on his last
11. Eric "the BigRedRefreshment (aka Jimmy)" Kopp   DNF  M25IceHouse, from bottle  :59,:78,4:08,1:25,dnf

Race Notes:

It was a great night for a beer mile. We had a good crowd show up again. I was one of the last ones to get to the starting line and I was surprised to see that about half the track team was waiting there; it was pretty dark -it got underway at about 10:00 p.m. Kopp was already drunk. Isaac and myself both had a pretty good buzz goin' already from being at graduation parties beforehand. The awesome thing about this race was that there was enough competition that I always had someone to drink and/or run with the entire race. Duke and Carla kept me pounding those beers hard because I had to try to keep up with them. I even got to kick it down at the end to barely beat Isaac. That was his first race in about 4 years and he thought it was pretty cool. Carla crushed the former WIAC women's conference record (19:41) held by Ashley Earney of Stevens Point by 9:54. Surprisingly, no one puked during the race. Final Track Scores:
CC team 21pts. 1st,2nd,6th
Vault team 9pts. 4th,5th,10th
Graduate team 8pts. 3rd,7th,9th
Gen./Alum. team 1pt. 8th,DNF
5 of our graduates not running the race kind of cost the graduate team some points. I'm going to try to get them to run one after nationals.

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