J Mac North Shore Champs
Sutherland High School, North Vancouver, BC

Conditions: Overcast, rained earlier in day.

created by user tskinner1

NameTimeSex Beer Notes
1. Jonathan Silcock   6:26.0  MCanadian, from can  The CHAMP!!!
2. Paul Purin   7:16.0  MCanadian, from can  We'll catch Silcock next time...
3. Tom Skinner   7:50.0  MCanadian, from can  Race director.
4. Grant Featherstone   8:55.0  MCanadian, from can  Astounding.
5. John MacRae   9:36.0  MCanadian, from can  The birthday boy, crushing his old time.
6. Digby Leigh   11:55.0  MLabatt's Blue, from can  Booked it with Silcock in the beginning, paid the price with a puke and a penalty lap.
7.Mica Prazzak  14:29.0  MBudweiser, from can  Solid effort.
8.Mike Suchanek  15:33.0  MCanadian, from can  
9.Anton Taylor  15:48.0  MBudweiser, from can  Projectile vomit afterwards.
10. Andrew Rogers   16:45.0  MCanadian, from can  Little bit too much dinner beforehand...
11. Will Stanhope   22:00.0  MCanadian, from can  Time coming soon.
12.Mark Silvanovich  32:00.0  MBudweiser, from can  Official time coming soon.
13. Peter Cross   DNF  M  Time coming soon (started late, puke w/penalty).
14. Goetz Felten   DNF  M  Time coming soon (late, puke w/penalty).
15.Brain Kelly  DNF  M  Time coming soon (late start).
16. Jeff Lawrenuk   DNF  MFrom can  Time coming soon.
17.Chris Winter  DNF  MCanadian, from can  Time coming soon.
18.John Poliqiun  DNF  MFrom can  Time coming soon.
19. Julie Balderston   DNF  FFrom can  Time coming soon.
20. Peter Watson   DNF  MFrom bottle  Time coming soon.

Race Notes:

In honour of John MacRae's birthday and the end of BC Track Champs. This was an amazing event, and I thank everyone who came out to compete or watch. I think we set some records for the number of pukes. Full results will be posted soon, as well as a video for official approval.

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