(Rudolph Bay) Fall Beermile 1.0
Winnipeg, MB
September 9, 2011

Conditions: 18?C

created by user Syntax

Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Steve Wetton 8:30.0 M 25 From Can Kokanee Could have gone faster... =)
2 Mike Katopodis 14:06.0 M 25 From Can Kokanee Failed to uphold elite rookie repeat performance
3 Adam Carrigan 15:52.0 M 26 From Can Guiness CHUNDER MILE!!!!
4 Jason Ancelin 16:10.0 M 26 From Can Keiths Needs to train harder for 2012.
5 Chris Wittick DNF M 24 From Can Keystone May not have ever finished a full beermile. Blames the lousy beer, not his awesome runners.

Race Notes:

Nice fall day. No large bike or run beforehand! All competitors sober and rested to start.