2004 post-nationals
Platteville, WI

Conditions: ~50 with some wind

created by user hass

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Erik Bartleson   6:14.0  M20IceHouse, from bottle  :16,:67,:24,:71,:30,:69,:31,:66
2. Andres "the Chilean" Young   7:18.0  M21IceHouse, from bottle  :21,:70,:35,:78,:44,:83,:39,:65
3. Pete "mother fuckin" Nichols   9:05.0  M23MGD Light, from bottle  
4. Chris Hass   10:49.0  M26IceHouse, from bottle  :35,:78,:74,:76,1:42,:78,2:00,:81
5.Justin Shireman  12:54.0  M20MGD Light, from bottle  {1:33},:53,:79,2:27,:86,3:39,:95
6. Russel Goessl   13:11.0  M18MGD Light, from bottle  bootleg: :24,:73,1:42,2:31,1:42,:76,1:41,:78+:80
7.Adam "AC" Christnovich  DNF  M23MGD Light, from bottle  

Race Notes:

all-right, i tried sending the results in last night while i was plowed off of my ass. it's too bad they didn't send because the notes were highly entertaining and difficult to read. the race got underway at about 12:30 at night. bartleson ran a stellar race, but the rest of us did not fair as well. i was experimenting with drinking some soda-pop carbonation beforehand and apparently it didn't work. kleimenhagen was talking about going to whitewater's beermile today, but we'll have to see what happens.
special thanks to meis for taking pictures. we were going to try to get it taped, because panama's got a camcorder now, but he must have gotten lost on the way back from decatur, 'cause he never showed.

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