2nd Biannual Greenville Beer Mile
Greenville, Il

Conditions: 56 degrees, no wind

created by user gcbmilers

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Xavier Ortiz  8:06.0  M21Miller High Life, from can  Second consecutive Champion
2. Ian "Rattata" Miller   11:23.3  M20Miller High Life, from can  Second finisher to not vomit
3.Tony "Brisk-T" Briscoe  12:17.0  M19Miller High Life, from can  Solid Effort
4.Alan "Goontard" Hollingsworth  13:00.3  M21Miller High Life, from can  3rd lap vomit
5.Coree "Kenya" Woltering  15:19.8  M21Miller High Life, from can  On his period
6.Bryant "Simple" Simpson  17:25.8  M20Miller High Life, from can  Vomitted 5 times overall
7.Gabe "Enrique" Ojeda  20:09.6  M18Miller High Life, from can  Hasn't run in two weeks
8.Jordan "J-Mac" McCarty  21:26.1  M19Miller High Life, from can  Last person to not vomit

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