2nd Annual UW Invitational Beer Mile
Waterloo, ON

created by user mark

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Mark Linseman   8:31.0  M19Export, from can  
2. Blain Kelly   14:45.0  M19Canadian, from can  
3.Thomas Parker  15:22.0  M20Rum & Coke, from can  First place in the Muslim Appreciation Mile
4.Matt Pickel  16:50.0  M20Export, from can  
5. Jacob "Panties" Kolunovsky   17:52.0  M19Moosehead, from can  
6. Matt Prior   21:08.0  M19Budweiser, from can  
7.Danish Iqbal  22:20.0  M18Coke, from can  Runner-up in Muslim Appreciation Mile
8.Brent Dufton  24:41.0  M20Export, from can  
9. Paul MacKinnon   26:47.0  M19Kokanee, from can  
10.Kevin "His name is Kevin?" Dudley  35:55.0  M20Export, from can  
11. Ryan Johnson   40:00.0  M18Busch, from can  only person other than the winner to not barf; i'm proud of you

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