Carolina Trash Hash House Harriers Beer Mile and #1100 trail
Spring Lake, NC

Conditions: sunny, low 70's, with a slight wind from the southwest

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created by user spoogebob

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Joe "Buckafuffalo" Trotta  16:17.0  M30Pabst Blue Ribbon, from can  x-tra credit for 3 shots and 12 weenies (1st place)
2.Scott "Dick Snail (scooch scooch)" Cole  17:14.0  M27Guinness Draught, from bottle  Team Guinness (fecal is gay)
3.Nikki "Dick Whittler" Yedlinsky  20:09.0  F29Milwaukee's Best Ice, from can  womens champ
4. Steve "Yucca till Dumb" Kelley   20:19.0  M28Milwaukee's Best Ice, from can  x-tra credit for 12 shots and 5 weenies
5.Jay "Spooge Bob Shit Pants" Bachman  20:34.0  M29Guinness Pub Draught 16OZ, from can  Team Guinness ate 1 weenie
6.Christopher "Smoov Opewator" Harrelson  20:39.0  M27Guinness Draught, from bottle  team Guinness ate 6 weenies (loves weenies)
7.Christopher "Eunich" Malloy  21:03.0  M30Bud Light, from bottle  x-tra credit for 2 shots
8. Angus "Dunkin McCock" White   22:21.0  M27Guinness Draught, from bottle  team Guinness
9.Billy "Ass-Lee Olslut" Mexican  27:20.0  M26Harp Lager, from bottle  token asian
10.Emily "Tonsil Tang" Cleveland  27:38.0  F22Smirnoff apple twisted, from cup  (team vagina) couldnt stop puking in woods
11.Lindsay "Bulbus Boobus" Hott chick  DNF  F32Pabst Blue Ribbon, from can  dnf but we love her anyways
12.Jim "Poison Penis" Peterson  DNF  M33Milwaukee's Best Ice, from can  only did 3 laps (marine wuss)

Race Notes:

This beer mile was done TRASH STYLE.. It started at a trailer park (AKA 8 mile) The rules of this event were as follows: each contestant must drink 4ea 12 ounce beers, complete 4ea 440m laps through the shiggy--woods with briars and tall grass and sticker bushes. There was no penalty for vomiting. Each contestant could take 30 seconds off their time by downing a shot of cream de menthe (75 proof) and subtract 10 seconds for each vienna sausage in hot sauce eaten. **POSTED TIMES ARE BEFORE EXTRA CREDIT WAS TAKEN OFF** There were three categories Harriers(men), Harriettes(women), and team. Photos may be viewed on ophoto at the following url and

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