69th Annual Brazzers Bangbus Early Bird Beer Mile Invitational
Middle of Nowhere, OH

Conditions: 50 degrees, clear

created by user jacosonian

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. John Onion   6:10.0  M21PBR/high life, from can  already 7 deep when he started, first timer, also the school record holder in the Milk Mile
2. Will "The Gargleblaster" POOMD   6:33.0  M22PBR/high life, from can  second time, 11 sec PR, got blown away during the last 300m, rumor has it he's just trying to get a good rage going
3. Jacksonian   DNF  M20PBR/high life, from can  first timer, ran from cop scare during 3rd lap. ended up winning a 100m run off w/ Josh 200
4. Josh 200   DNF  M19PBR/high life, from can  first timer, same as Jacksonian, but lost, happy to have run more than 200 meters
5. Derek Write   DNF  M23???, from bottle  ran 1 lap wearing jeans then dropped out, unattached

Race Notes:

Five started. Runners were divided into 2 teams of 2 by college affiliation, with one runner competing unattached. The unattached runner dropped out after one lap. During lap 3 the police drove by and stopped, so one runner from each team fled the track. They returned just in time to see the finish of the race and decided to have a 100 meter showdown to determine the winner. The final score was 5-5, with the home team going 1, 4 and the away team going 2, 3. They proceeded to rage until the popo shut them down.

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