1st Annual TxState/UTSA Dual
San Antonio, TX

Conditions: Freezing and Drizzling

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created by user ruff_runner

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.David Stonestreet  6:40.0  M21bud light, from can  UTSA
2.Justin Pitchford  6:42.0  M21bud light, from can  UTSA
3.Sam Bernal  7:05.0  M21bud light, from can  TXST
4.Javier M. Prado  7:51.0  M20bud light, from can  TXST
5.Adrian Vargas  8:34.0  M21bud light, from can  UTSA
6.Paulo Sosa  8:56.0  M20bud light, from can  TXST
7.Greg Martin  9:24.0  M18bud light, from can  TXST
8.Roland Ortiz  10:47.0  M20bud light, from can  TXST
9.Carlos Perez  10:50.0  M21bud light, from can  UTSA-vomit
10.Adam Cowdin  12:30.0  M18bud light, from can  UTSA
11.JD Klimczyk  13:58.0  M18bud light, from can  TXST-vomit
12.Micheal Schwartz  DNF  M18bud light, from can  UTSA-3 beers

Race Notes:

UTSA-27 TxState-28 Overall Record- UTSA-1 TxState-0
*two beers were mysterious left over but results are final.

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