Turkey Trot Tune Up
Somewhere in, OH

Conditions: 30s and clear

created by user Jacosonian

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Jacksonian   6:50.0  M20Miller High Life, from can  Confident from a 1200 time trial 2 nights before that ended in running from the popo, first time finishing
2.Blojo   7:20.0  M20Miller High Life, from can  First off the chug
3.Senor Jeffe  8:01.0  M21Miller High Life, from can  
4.The Wagon  9:56.0  M19Miller High Life, from can  
5.K Junks  10:11.0  M19Miller High Life, from can  Might have warmed up too hard
6.The Train  10:12.0  M21??, from can  
7.Hot Mess Express  11:47.0  F21Miller High Life, from can  First female, ran a penalty lap for frecking
8.Birthday Cakes  12:53.0  M20Miller High Life, from can  Might have puked
9. Brian "The Bear"   12:55.0  M20Miller High Life, from can  Might have puked
10.Spill "The Thrill"   18:05.0  F21Miller High Life, from can  tie
11.MacGreuber   18:05.0  F19Miller High Life, from can  tie
12.Young Megz  18:05.0  F18Miller High Life, from can  tie
13.Banhana "And" Rails  DNF  FMiller High Life, from can  ran as a pair, spilled beer, threw up, made a bunch of noise, and might not have finished
14.Molls "Gets" Balls  DNF  FMiller High Life, from can  ??

Race Notes:

In an effort to sharpen up for their upcoming races and put to use their excellent drinking shape acquired over the past weeks, an elite college cross country team set out to prove themselves in a contest consisting of drinking and running.

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