The 3rd Annual Western Fall Beer Mile - Men
London, ON

Conditions: Rainy

created by user pmcclell

NameTimeSex Beer Notes
1. Darren Mark   7:04.0  MOld Milwaukee, from can  Just call me Pre
2.Josh Hollowell  7:51.0  MOld Milwaukee, from can  Great first outing
3. Peter McClelland   8:43.0  MOld Milwaukee, from can  Damm beginners luck
4. Matt Demeo   9:52.0  MOld Milwaukee, from can  Sophomore curse
5.Larry Hasson  10:04.0  MOld Milwaukee, from can  It's true, I puked
6. Jason Davenport   10:23.0  MOld Milwaukee, from can  Better than last time!
7. Andrew Garsch   10:32.0  MOld Milwaukee, from can  I love Western
8.Adam Thibodeau  10:32.0  MOld Milwaukee, from can  I love Western
9.Adam Mramor  10:32.0  MOld Milwaukee, from can  I love Western
10. Tim Colson   13:15.0  MOld Milwaukee, from can  This aint no singles race
11. Brian Stasiak   13:59.0  MOld Milwaukee, from can  Sophomore curse
12.Joe Hoe  14:00.0  MOld Milwaukee, from can  I am not the jack of this trade
13. Jake Breuer   15:27.0  MOld Milwaukee, from can  Next time I am training
14.Brian Ashbourne  15:33.0  MOld Milwaukee, from can  I like fighting
15.Topher Morris  16:04.0  MOld Milwaukee, from can  Who invented this?
16.Jason Van Wyngarden  16:27.0  MOld Milwaukee, from can  Many girls beat me

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