6th annual bhsu beer mile
Spearfish, SD

Conditions: Slicker than a bearcat out there

created by user bhxc

NameTimeSex Beer Notes
1.Scotty Ten Sleep "Doesn't Know" Erdahl  7:42.0    good start tied for 2nd
2.Craig "Double Pits To Chesty" Leavit  7:42.0  Budweiser, from can  No one saw it comin tied for 2nd
3. Brock "Little Dog" Mickelsen   7:54.0    Mr. Bickelsen Mr. Bickelsen!
4.Seth "Noodle" Ulvested  8:04.0    Im reeeeallly chill
5.Chase "Golden Shower" Vogel  8:18.0    Dont eat the yellow snow
6. Danny "Danger Dan"   9:11.0    What a clown
7.Gage "McFaggen" McSpadden  9:37.0    You let Vogel beat you?
8.Evan "Big Dawg" Strand  10:22.0  Budweiser, from can  savvy
9. Alex "Wonderwoman"   12:31.0    Still laying on the track
10.Mark "Big Coxy" Wilcox  12:57.0    Welcome to America
11. Jed "No-Money" Morgan   12:58.0  Pabst Blue Ribbon, from can  You talked to much and puked
12.Dakota "Dak Attack" Walkling  13:59.0  Budweiser, from can  At least you beat Jeremy
13.Josh "I studied too Much" Harrison  17:41.0  Budweiser, from can  Your calculations didn't work out Dr. Harris
14.Jeremy "Don't Mess With Texas" Gann  17:43.0  Budweiser, from can  Nothin but steers and queers in Texas
15.Justin Burgesson  DNF    Special wheel chair 800 for this injured stag .7 minutes

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