The First Annual Peter Holmes Beer Mile
Vancouver, BC

Conditions: Overcast. Chilly enough that the girls were complaining

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created by user brianmahony

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Brian Mahony   7:48.0  M30Lions Winter Ale 5.5%, from can  PB. Practiced extensively the night before with cans of 6% Faceplant Winter Ale
2.Padraic O'Cheallaigh  8:17.0  MCariboo Honey Larger 5.5%, from can  Puked up in the bushes beside the track after the race.
3. Fergus Murray   8:18.0  M31Granville Island Winter Ale 5.5%, from bottle  Little girly bottle wasn't 355ml. Technically a DQ. Claims you cannot get 355ml bottles in Canada. He knew the rules before the race.
4. Douugie McGovvern   8:50.0  MCariboo Larger, from can  Like his girlfriend Padraic he was also seen skulking around the bushes
5. Graham Dunne   9:20.0  MCanadian 5%, from can  A good performance after a shaky start (forgot his beer)
6.Donal Keane  9:37.0  M30Alexander Keiths 5%, from can  Worse than his time in summer. Had a big breakfast
7.Colin Clancy  10:06.0  MPilsner 5%, from can  Got in an altercation shortly after finishing the race
8. Gareth Davies   10:20.0  MFirst Trax 5%, from can  Also visited the aforementioned bushes after the race for a sneaky vomit
9. Jack McInerney   10:24.0  MMilwaukie 5%, from can  First in the impressive moustache category
10.Dave Tonge  10:38.0  M32Corona 5.5%, from bottle  Room for improvement
11.Eimear Grogan  10:38.0  FCorona 5.5%, from bottle  Didn't drink all her beer as she had some baking to do later that day
12.Peter Gunn  10:38.0  MFrom can  Not bad for a new daddy
13. Alan MCcarthy   10:57.0  MPilsner 5%, from can  Was assaulted by Colin Clancy shortly after finishing the race
14. Andrew McKenzie   11:06.0  MAlexander Keiths 5%, from can  Pipped Latimer in a sprint finish
15.Trevor Latimer  11:07.0  FAlexander Keiths 5%, from can  Tried to pass McKenie with a sneaky sprint finish. Some alleged confusion over where the finish line was.
16.Loreen Barnett  DNF  FRed truck 7%, from can  Ran one lap. Extra kudos for having 7% beer
17. Morgan Inglis   DNF  MRed truck 7%, from can  Official photographer and also ran two laps
18.Kyung Lee  DNF  FRed truck 7%, from can  Most impressive performance of the day. Slammed the beer and ran in her jeans.
19.Nicola Martin  DNF  FHeineken 5%, from can  Team Heini. Ran one lap wearing a short homemade Heineken skirt made out of duct tape.
20.Liz Hill  DNF  FHeineken 5%, from can  Team Heini. Ran one lap. See above re inappropriate sporting attire.
21.Max Hakh  DNF  FHeineken 5%, from can  Team Heini. Ran one lap. Third member of the three stooges in homemade duct tape frocks.
22.Ben Cook  DNF  MHeineken 5%, from can  The most unattractive member of Team Heini. Ran in a dress which was said to be the cause of some of the vomiting. Ran one lap.

Race Notes:

In honour and loving memory of our friend Peter Holmes.

The race track was measured at 403 meters by Trevor and his trusty trundle wheel so overall distance was 1612 meters - 3 meters more than a mile.

An "Irish" 1pm start. The race actually started closer to 2 because Graham forgot his beer and the Irish lads were pfaffing about.

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