2001 World Beer Mile Championships
Edmonton, AB

Conditions: Warm and dry

created by user njbkendr

NameTimeSex Beer Notes
1. Scott Jensen   6:27.0  M  Calgary
2. Peter Cardle   6:41.0  M  BC
3. Ian Fallas   6:43.0  M  Norway
4. Seanna Robinson   6:52.0  F  
5. Mark Bomba   7:00.0  M  BC
6.Todd McKenzie  7:02.0  M  Quebec
7. Lanny Mann   7:22.0  M  Calgary
8.Eric Lamghjelm  7:55.0  M  BC
9. Jason Lewis   8:12.0  M  Calgary
10.Krista Beddoes-English  8:36.0  F  
11.Hugh McKenzie  8:41.0  M  
12.Aiden Hawnt  8:42.0  M  Edmonton
13. Sean Forbes   8:43.0  M  Edmonton
14.Daniel McKay  8:48.0  M  Saskatchewan
15.Darcie Montgomery  8:51.0  F  
16.James Davison  8:53.0  M  BC
17. John White   9:04.0  M  Great Britain
18. Craig Constantino   9:08.0  M  Calgary
19. Bill Donahue   9:11.0  M  Edmonton
20. Kevin Beatty   9:16.0  M  Ontario
21. Dave Harder   9:17.0  M  Saskatchewan
22.Brendan Connely  9:19.0  M  BC
23. Shawn Brady   9:24.0  M  Ontario
24.Jon McGavock  9:27.0  M  Quebec
25.Darren Burrows  9:32.0  M  Calgary
26. Matt Brown   9:39.0  M  BC
27. Lance White   9:41.0  M  Calgary
28. Kip Sigsworth   9:50.0  M  Ontario
29. Kyle Marcotte   10:56.0  M  Edmonton
30.Steven Haggart  11:09.0  M  Calgary
31.Sue Pribaz  11:10.0  F  
32.Howard Herningson  11:13.0  M  Saskatchewan
33. Elisha Gordey   11:48.0  F  Calgary
34.Andrew Hakes  11:53.0  M  
35.Jeff Gonder  11:54.0  M  Calgary
36.Neil Chomos  12:10.0  M  BC
37.Jamie Wilson  12:21.0  M  Edmonton
38. Allan Pribaz   12:30.0  M  Ontario
39.Steve Sr. McIntyre  12:50.0  M  Saskatchewan
40. Craig Williams   13:27.0  M  Calgary
41.Christopher Drozda  14:04.0  M  Calgary
42.Steve Jr. McIntyre  14:07.0  M  Saskatchewan
43.Matt Weins  14:18.0  M  Calgary
44. Sean Surerus   14:36.0  M  BC
45. Steve Shigeishi   14:44.0  M  Calgary
46.Jodi Lambent  15:08.0  F  
47.Gary Pluim  15:31.0  M  Calgary
48. Ian Watts   15:38.0  M  Calgary
49. Nathan Kendrick   15:45.0  M  Calgary
50.Rick Milligan  16:03.0  M  Alberta
51. James Aldridge   16:11.0  M  Japan
52.Kevin Olsen  16:25.0  M  Edmonton
53. John Cassell   19:58.0  M  Calgary
54. Jason Lindsay   21:44.0  M  Calgary
55.Jen Alexander  22:54.0  F  Calgary
56.Diana Gruber  23:53.0  F  Calgary
57. Mateo Ayala   24:10.0  M  Burundi
58.Danial Ouimet  24:25.0  M  Quebec
59.Sid Kwallel  24:41.0  M  
60.Malcolm Balk  25:53.0  M  Quebec/Great Britain

Race Notes:

All of this is thanks to BeerMile-organizer extraordinaire, Matt Norminton. He had help from John & timers Taniya, Kylie, & Allison

Team Results

1. Calgary 30pts (1,6,8,15)
2. BC 38pts (2,4,13,19)
3. Edmonton 63pts (10,11,16,26)
4. Sask 92pts (12,18,28,34)

I would like to add a correction to the team results:

While many of us attempted to "internationalize" the results by competing
for countries of residence, dual-citizenship, or (in my case) birth, I think
my result ought to count for Calgary, particularly as Norway did not have a
complete team. Also, Eric Langhjelm was not counted for BC even though I'm
pretty sure that's where he's from. With these revisions, the team standings
look like this:

Calgary 18pts (1-3-6-8)
BC 26pts (2-4-7-13)
Edmonton 63pts (10-11-16-26)
Saskatchewan 92pts (12-18-28-34)
Ontario 95pts (17-20-25-33)
Quebec 128pts (5-21-50-52)

*If we count Seanna Robinson & Sue Pribaz as men, Ontario finishes with 62

Anyway, with a total of 60 finishers, this is a record for participation in
a single race. The transition zone was chaos but we all survived. Just to
give you an idea of how crowded it was, I never saw Peter Cardle for the
entire race and I finished out in lane 4 to avoid all of the runners &
drinkers. I think, to a certain extent, the quality of performances
(especially for a shale track) can be attributed to a very large gallery of
Edmonton's finest mosquitoes. There was a lot of incentive to finish your
beer and get moving again!

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