Team Cyco Suds Mile 4
Shreveport, LA

Conditions: always good when you're drinking

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created by user jweinland

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Ricky "Ricky Bobby" Hutchinson   6:23.0  M45Miller, from can  Run like the cops are chasing
2. Seth "Samurai" Ozasa   7:23.0  M35Miller, from can  Beijing BM in 2012
3.Mike "Grandpa" McHalffet  8:00.0  M51Miller, from can  Hammer em early
4. Peet "Petey" Booysen   8:22.0  M45Miller, from can  DQ - amateurs only race
5. Joe "Big Joe" Haynes   8:31.0  M46miller, from can  Duck feet's big day
6. Calvin "Calbo" Sears   8:51.0  M55Miller, from can  4 beers too many
7.Nick "Cuckoo 2" Tullos  8:59.0  M30miller, from can  Rookie attempt
8. Joseph "Lil Joey" Fell   9:10.0  M25Miller, from can  pounds his big bro
9.Jeremy Brown  9:11.0  M35miller, from can  rookie attempt
10.Eric "sensai" Sullivan  9:13.0  M40miller, from can  mad dash for the win
11. Greg "hound dog" Bell   9:38.0  M50miller, from can  retired and no life
12. Derrick "viking" Ellis   9:57.0  M30miller, from can  the cape made me do it
13. Scott "latte" Harville   10:26.0  M55Budweiser, from can  smooooth
14.Chad "tough mudder" Warren  10:28.0  M35miller, from can  rookie attempt
15. Daniel "Poke" Anderson   10:36.0  M45Budweiser, from can  Just Poke
16.Glenn "shaggy" Feazel  10:46.0  M35miller, from can  rookie attempt
17. Brian "sweater boy" Heck   11:12.0  M45miller, from can  gotta run too
18. Jason "JA" Aleman   11:16.0  M45coors, from can  running sucks
19. Jason "Wino" Weinland   11:42.0  M47Budweiser, from can  spew, bad day on the track
20.Gerritt "Fiver" Moller  11:58.0  M25miller, from can  spew, but no DNF!
21.Tina "Tank" Ellis  13:50.0  F30miller, from can  spew, but WIN
22.Tiffany Seaton  18:30.0  F25Miller, from can  no one told me it was this hard
23.Kay DeBerardinis  21:15.0  F50Budweiser, from can  whips hubby
24.David DeBerardinis  DNF    ran 'the half'

Race Notes:

Our 4th annual race. Next is travel team for World Championships.

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