1st Annual New Years Eve Beer Mile
Vancouver, BC

Conditions: Cold as a witch's tit

created by user tskinner1

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Kirsty Smith   6:43.0  F21Canadian, from can  Kajaks
2. Sev Leblanc   7:01.0  M22Granville Cream Ale, from can  NSA
3. Paul Purin   7:17.0  MFrom can  NSA
4.Sean Clarke  7:35.0  M35Canadian, from can  NSA
5. Digby Leigh   7:38.0  M18Canadian, from can  Handsworth
6.Cam McEwan  7:51.0  M18Canadian, from can  Kajaks
7. Jon   7:51.0  M16Canadian, from can  Kajaks
8.Paul Brar  8:00.0  M24Kokanee, from can  Kajaks
9. Grant Featherstone   8:36.0  M18Canterbury, from can  Blenheim Palace
10.Martin Aldrich  8:45.0  M20Cypress Honey Lager, from can  NSA
11. Tom Skinner   8:46.0  M18Canadian, from can  NSA
12.Grant Bollinston  8:50.0  M29Lucky, from can  NSA
13. Steve Williams   10:58.0  M18Canadian, from can  Handsworth
14. Mason Trafford   11:16.0  M18Kokanee, from can  Handsworth
15.Sam Pawluk  11:20.0  M19Granville Island, from can  Kajaks
16.Bryan Kelly  11:34.0  M21Cypress Honey Lager, from can  NSA
17. John MacRae   12:21.0  M18Canadian, from can  Blenheim Palace
18. Peter Watson   12:50.0  M264:20, from bottle  NSA
19. Julie Balderston   12:53.0  F23From can  NSA
20. Mica Prazak   13:05.0  M18Old Milwakee, from can  Blenheim Palace
21. Jeff Lawrenuk   13:30.0  M18Canadian, from can  Blenheim Palace
22.Jason Mosberian  14:01.0  M18  Blenheim Palace
23.Mark Listes  14:08.0  M21Kokanee, from can  Kajaks
24.Scott Cassidy  14:24.0  M18Corona, from bottle  Handsworth
25.Brett Corbitt  14:43.0  M24Canadian, from can  Kajaks
26. Peter Cross   DNF  M18Sleemans  Blenheim Palace
27. E Z   DNF  F18Canadian, from can  Blenheim Palace
28.Dan MacQueen  DNF  M18Canadian, from can  Blenheim Palace
29.Bart Dalhuisen  DNF  M21Labats, from can  Kajaks
30.Matt Love  DNF  M22Canadian, from can  Kajaks
31. Will Stanhope   DNF  M18Canadian, from can  Blenheim Palace

Race Notes:

Team challenge in which the top 5 times for each team are combined. Race between North Shore Athletics, Kajaks Track Club, Blenheim Palace, and the Handsworth Track Alumni. NSA won the team title, Kajaks in second. Stellar performances by all. For those whose times were not recorded, email me at tom@ironlung.ca

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