'04 Western MonTucky Beermile Championship
Missoula, MT

Conditions: Very Dark, 55 degrees and clear

created by user jcincoski

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Matt Seeley  6:41.0  M33Miller high life, from can  pro triathete
2. Brendan "Dog" Halpin   7:00.0  MHamms, from can  w.kent lyons
3. Ben Hoffman   7:12.0  M21Schmidts, from can  tripad
4.Ben Raffato  7:20.0  MHamms, from can  
5.Elliot Bassett  7:35.0  MMiller lite, from can  tripad
6.Chad "Primo" Latinino  7:45.0  M32Miller High Life, from can  
7.Douglas Kent  7:49.0  MHamms, from can  w.kent lyons
8. Jeff Cincoski   7:58.0  M22Schmidts, from can  his birthday
9.Giles Thelen  8:00.0  M  
10.Chris Connely  8:29.0  MFrom can  
11.Susie Arndt  9:01.0  FFrom can  
12. Joel Brown   9:15.0  MMiller Lite, from can  
13.erik pisby  9:19.0  MFrom can  
14.Blair Rajamaki  9:50.0  FMiller lite, from can  
15.John Azzopavdi  10:05.0  MFrom can  
16.Heidi Stamm  10:20.0  FFrom can  
17. Rob G   10:23.0  MFrom can  
18.Kathlene Jones  12:17.0  FFrom can  
19. Todd Struckman   DNF  M33From can  former champion barfo
20.Dave Berkoff  DNF  MFrom can  
21.Jake Walton  DNF  M27From can  

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