Eng. Phys. March Beer Mile
Main Mall, UBC, Vancouver, BC

Conditions: Middle of the day in a public area

created by user tron3000

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Nathan "zoo" Barrett   6:34.0  M23Okanagan Spring Pale Ale, from bottle  The Champ
2. B "B-Lo" Lo   7:03.0  M20Old Style Pilsner, from can  
3.Matt Chudleigh  7:04.0  M23Canadian, from bottle  
4.Matt Clarke  8:33.0  M23  
5. Greg Egan   9:11.0  M21Old Style Pilsner, from can  
6. Blaine   12:07.0  M23Canadian, from bottle  
7. Ashley Good   12:17.0  F21Alexander Keiths, from can  
8. Troy "Tron" Barrie   14:27.0  M21Nelson, from bottle  
9. Marcin Mirski   15:59.0  M21Okanagan Spring Pale Ale, from bottle  
10. Eric "Smartest Man" Cessford   16:20.0  M20Kokanee, from can  
11. Mike Kang   19:25.0  M22Old Style Pilsner, from can  
12. Fraser Harris   20:59.0  M20From bottle  
13.Christian "The German" Schneider  21:01.0  M22From bottle  
14.Mike Sander  21:30.0  M21Kokanee, from can  
15. Angela "Damir's Girlfriend"   21:49.0  F22Vodka, from cup  
16.Marcus English  22:50.0  M20Canadian, from bottle  
17. Damir Hot   22:59.0  M19Stella, from bottle  
18. Jedi Brewer   27:04.0  M67Canadian, from bottle  

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