FIU Spring Break - Return of the Goot a.k.a. (the gouch)
Miami, FL

Conditions: Muggy - high 70s to low 80s

created by user NADA984

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Robert Castillo   6:56.0  M21Bud Light, from bottle  New track record. 3 -time champ
2. El zorro   10:50.0  M19Bud Light, from bottle  2 days fter 33:30 10k
3. Noel Delgadillo   11:46.0  M20Bud Light, from bottle  Best Puking Sound-effects Penalty lap(pl)
4.Javier Castro  12:34.0  M20Bud Light, from bottle  Mystery Man Award
5.Dennis "D.B Murdock" Gutierez (the goot)  14:05.0  M20Bud Light, from bottle  MVA Most Volume(puke) Award - (pl)
6.Luis Cabello  15:15.0  M20Bud Light, from bottle  Most improved
7.Dalia "Big D" Clarke  15:50.0  F21Bud Light, from bottle  1st female finisher in South Florida Circuit
8. Matt Dimola   16:08.0  M20Bud Light, from bottle  Bare Ass Award - (pl)
9.Amanda Howard  DNF  F21Bud Light, from bottle  3 Laps - Hottie from Ocala, Where's my last beer? Award!!!
10. Orlando Rivera   DNF  M19Bud Light, from bottle  3 Laps - I like to use spikes on asphalt award
11. Oscar "Tony Montana" Carballo   DNF  M19Bud Light, from bottle  2 Laps - Bat Guy Award
12.Milvia Navarro  DNF  F20Bud Light, from bottle  2 Laps - Pole climbing Award

Race Notes:

Race Time : 2:45 AM
Asphalt track
Timing by: Darwin measures -(it's re-Evolutionary)

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