Team Blitz Invitational Beer Mile
williamsburg, VA

Conditions: Cool, Wet

created by user blurunnner

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Oakton "meatwad" Elite  6:38.5  M22Miller High Life, from can  competed at jr world cross
2.Basic "young and tender" Panera  6:50.6  M22Coors Light, from can  he dips into the younger grades quite a bit
3.Freshman "The Future" Sensation  7:24.7  M19Miller High Life, from can  has dreamy eyes
4.Bloody "Team No Standards" T  8:00.0  M20Miller High Life, from can  
5.Gerald "Covered in mud" Pillow  8:04.2  M20Miller High Life, from can  started in last
6.Elected "attended kegger before" Official  9:07.9  M21Miller High Life, from can  hates flip flops
7.Missy "World's Longest House" Axelrodd  9:18.9  M19Miller High Life, from can  first good race on the track ever
8.Treb "Had Taco Bell for dinner" Roberts  9:26.4  M22Miller High Life, from can  2:17 last 800 (penalty lap)
9.Darkhorse "The phone's for you" Flores  9:38.7  M21Miller High Life, from can  15 miles a week
10.Indiana "she's not my girlfriend" Jones  10:00.8  M19Miller High Life, from can  held up by carrying too much around the track
11.In "did you tell her my name" Uniform  10:19.6  F19Miller High Life, from can  talked the most shit before the race
12.D-Rock "this isn't high school" Schwartz  12:31.5  M17Miller High Life, from can  threw up more times than ever before in his life (7) (penalty lap)

Race Notes:

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