Queen's University Beer Mile 2005
Kingston, ON

Conditions: gorgeous spring day

created by user Travis

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Robert "Subtle Intellectual" Kitz  6:37.0  M19Keith's, from can  First Time
2.Marco "Veteran" Li  6:48.0  M22Moosehead, from can  Lost it in the last Lap
3. Chris "C Nags Run" Nagle   7:34.0  M22Moosehead, from can  Closed Strongly
4. Jared "Rico Suave" Thomson   7:35.0  M19Steeler, from can  Good Showing
5. Travis "Governor of Givin'er" Cummings   7:42.0  M20Labatt Blue Pilsner, from can  Bad Outing
6.Courtney "Tank" Kirkby  7:52.0  F19Heineken, from can  Rough second lap, 4th lap was glory
7. Chris "Lightweight" Hartman   8:04.0  M19Lonestar, from can  First Timer
8. Chris "Multi-tasker" Brens   8:05.0  M19Miller/Moosehead/Steeler, from can  Ran with aviators
9.Bryan "Who is this guy?" Moore  8:22.0  M23Canadian, from can  No one knows who this guy is...
10.Ian "Heavyweight" Swanson  9:54.0  M22Moosehead, from can  Good showing
11. Kat "Last Name?"   10:45.0  F22Moosehead, from can  Do we have a last name?
12.Peter "I was runner up for the v-card" Mitchell  10:46.0  M22Lonestar, from can  Not bad for a sprinter who already loaded upon start of the race
13.Jon "Plastic Bed Sheets" Ennis  12:08.0  M22Moosehead, from can  Team Magnum
14. Ryan "Oakie" Ouckama   12:31.0  M22Labatt's Blue, from can  Team Heartthrob
15. Ashley "Letdown" Perry   12:36.0  M22Canadian, from can  Puked
16.Megan Lord-Hoyle  DNF  FFrom can  
17.Shelly Filer  DNF  FFrom can  
18.Bill Woods  DNF  MFrom can  
19.Dave McPhee  DNF  MFrom can  
20.Caitlin Pietras  DNF  FFrom bottle  Rev, unofficial

Race Notes:

carrying on the Queen's and Kingston Beer Mile Tradition. All drank form cans...

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