8th Annual B.S.D. Beer Mile
Calgary, AB

Conditions: Great

created by user njbkendr

NameTimeSex Beer Notes
1. Trevor Sawatzky   7:12.0  M  
2.Antii Tenhiala  7:14.0  M  
3.Noel Clark  11:41.0  M  
4.Andrew Betik  11:49.0  M  
5.Kalie Hunter  12:00.0  F  
6.Cody Wagner  12:05.0  M  
7. Josh Riker-Fox   12:20.0  M  
8.Carla Bosman  12:52.0  F  Penalty Lap
9. Jason Andrew   13:35.0  M  Penalty Lap
10. Alan Klaus   13:40.0  M  Penalty Lap
11. Elisha Gordey   13:41.0  F  Penalty Lap
12.Heather Wittock  14:19.0  F  
13.Sammi Fuller  14:20.0  F  
14.Susan Brattburg  14:32.0  F  
15. Nathan Kendrick   15:46.0  M  Penalty Lap
16. Beth Trites   15:58.0  F  
17. John Cassell   16:42.0  M  Penalty Lap
18.Sean Van der Lee  16:55.0  M  Penalty Lap
19. Stan Mazursky   17:16.0  M  
20. Stewart Aune   17:33.0  M  Penalty Lap
21. Geoff Kerr   20:44.0  M  Penalty Lap
22. Casey Van der Lee   21:14.0  M  
23.Cameron Goldie  22:40.0  M  
24.Jamie Levy  24:00.0  M  
25.Luke Devlin  25:37.0  M  
26.Ian Borak  DNF  M  
27.Holly Brattburg  DNF  F  
28.Jen Fowdry  DNF  F  
29.Adrian Harding  DNF  M  
30.Cody Minove  DNF  M  
31. Travis Saunders   DNF  M  
32.Colleen Sullivan  DNF  F  
33. Jackie Jones   DNF  F  Disqualified, cheating

Race Notes:

Great weather, a huge number of spectators. There were problems with the
facility people, but we handled them and the race progressed as planned.
Jackie Jones got the big DQ for CHEATING. Dirty, rotten, cheater!!!
There were probably others (I don't trust all those women's times), but
they didn't get caught, so I'll trust the official timer, Aaron Swanson.

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