9th Annual B.S.D. Beer Mile
Calgary, AB

Conditions: Bitterly cold, snow everywhere, nasty wind

created by user njbkendr

NameTimeSex Beer Notes
1.Brad Hove  8:17.0  M  
2. Connal Robertson-More   8:23.0  M  
3. Justin Kangarloo   8:27.0  M  
4. Geoff Kerr   11:12.0  M  
5. Lauren   12:46.0  F  
6. Travis Saunders   14:41.0  M  Penalty Lap
7. Garth   14:44.0  M  
8. Casey Van der Lee   14:52.0  M  Penalty Lap
9. Jason Andrew   15:06.0  M  Penalty Lap
10. Beth Trites   17:07.0  F  
11. Zach Cassell   18:42.0  M  
12. John Cassell   18:50.0  M  
13.Chris Mattson  19:24.0  M  Penalty Lap
14. Jackie Jones   19:26.0  F  Penalty Lap
15. James   22:27.0  M  
16.Tara Cameron  26:05.0  F  
17. Aaron Swanson   27:05.0  M  Penalty Lap
18. Nathan Kendrick   DNF  M  Had to smooth things over with the facility people
19. Devon   DNF  M  
20.Darren Belgrave  DNF  M  Disqualified
21. Kyle Hougen   DNF  M  Disqualified

Race Notes:

Quite possibly the worst weather ever for a beer mile. Bitterly cold,
snow everywhere, nasty wind. What this did do is bring out only people
that are interested beer miling... the 'non-purists' of past years that
showed up for the drinking (and cheating) instead of the running were
scared off, so the event went quite smoothly.

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