2002 Canadian National Beer Mile Championships
Edmonton, AB

Conditions: Clear, 24 C, 27% humidity, wind SE22 kmph, 101.0 kPa, 24 km visibiilty, nearly full moon

created by user njbkendr

NameTimeSex Beer Notes
1. Blaine Woodcock   6:40.0  M  AB
2.Solomon Ssenyenge  7:12.4  M  AB
3. Scott Jensen   7:12.4  M  AB
4.Eric Gillis  8:34.9  M  NS
5. Dave Harder   8:34.9  M  SK
6.Brian Torrence  9:05.0  M  AB
7. Bill Donahue   9:09.0  M  AB
8.Trevor O'Brian  9:59.0  M  ON
9. Jackie Pearce   10:16.0  F  SK; Penalty Lap
10. Lance White   11:03.0  M  AB
11. Kyle Marcotte   12:50.0  M  AB
12. Jared Fletcher   13:20.0  M  MB
13. Nathan Kendrick   13:23.0  M  AB; Penalty Lap
14.Shandra Doran  13:29.0  F  AB; Volleyball Player
15. Ken Myers   14:03.0  M  BC
16. Jackie Jones   14:29.0  F  AB; Penalty Lap
17. Steve MacIntyre   18:04.0  M  SK
18.Kevin Olson  18:04.0  M  AB
19.Dave Shanks  19:11.0  M  AB; Penalty Lap
20. Jamie Epp   DNF  M  SK
21.Sean Baynton  DNF  M  SK
22. Sandy Bain   DNF  M  17:26, DQ'd for pouring 1/4 beer over his head
23.Carrah Bouma  DNF  F  22:03; DQ'd for sharing beer with Robyn
24.Robyn Standring  DNF  F  22:03; DQ'd for sharing beer with Carrah

Race Notes:

On a warm and windy night, 24 intrepid runners faced off at Rolly Mills
Track in Edmonton for the Canadian National Beer-Miling Championships.
Most notable, reigning World Beer-Miling Champion Scott Jensen was beaten
not only by relative unknown Blaine Woodcock but also was unable to hold
off the late charge of Solomon Ssenyenge, who outleaned Jensen at the line.
Dazed and confused, Jensen immediately talked about hanging up his spikes
and referee's jersey and joining the ranks of recreational beer-miling.

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