1st annual Nova Beer Mile
Davie, FL

Conditions: night, cool

created by user xcntrypro

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Christian "the iron liver" Toepfer  8:43.0  M19Bud Light, from can  strong last lap
2.Brandon "true redneck" Petersen  8:54.0  M18Bud Light, from can  had it in the bag but horrible chuging the last one
3.Kyle "waterfall" Botti  10:13.0  M18Bud Light, from can  how do u drink 4 beers and puke up a 12 pack
4.Chad "lucky" Turnipseed  11:15.0  M19Bud Light, from can  slow but steady
5.Aaron "bringin it up the rear" Kolterjahn  11:31.0  M19Bud Light, from can  only one to puke and run an extra lap

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