1st Annual SLU Senior Week Beer Mile
Canton, NY

Conditions: 75 degrees and humid

created by user airunxc

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Jim Farrell   7:50.0  M19Budweiser, from can  
2.Ryan Pollock  7:51.0  M22Budweiser, from can  
3. Kevin Lozeau   11:20.0  M20Budweiser, from can  
4. Aaron Ladd   14:15.0  M22Budweiser, from can  
5.Tyler Magden  14:46.0  M22Budweiser, from can  
6.Andy Alvarez  15:28.0  M18Budweiser, from can  Boot and Rally
7.Tora Olafsen  18:20.0  F22Bud Light, from can  
8. Ian Gilfillan   20:10.0  M22Budweiser, from can  Competed in crutches
9.Sam Perry  21:44.0  M22Budweiser, from can  Boot and Rally
10.Melissa Glotzbecker  30:30.0  F22Bud Light, from can  
11.Meghan Reeve  32:05.0  F22Bud Light, from can  

Race Notes:

The race wasn't run around a track, but a oval loop around the schools senior townhouses. The loop was measured with a wheel @ 410 meters (with 4 straights and turns) and the difference to make a 1609 4 lap race was accounted for (different start and finish lines).

Warm beer caused poor times as well as hangovers for many who had participated in prior senior week activities.

Over 50 people came out to cheer on and watch the race that occurred in the middle of the day.

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