Beaver Creek Running Club Presents: The Wanalager Mile
Amherst, OH
July 16, 2005

Conditions: Humid, 80 Degrees, Night

created by user zak1171

Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Zak Wilburn 7:40.0 M 18 From Can Budweiser
2 Old Timer 8:35.0 M 50 From Can Coors
3 Donny Gable 8:49.0 M 16 From Can Budweiser
4 Nick VanDemark 10:37.0 M 18 From Can Budweiser
5 Tim Haglund DNF M 17 From Can Budweiser
6 Justin Armburger DNF M 18 From Can Budweiser
7 JD Sheppard DNF M 19 No Show

Race Notes:

It was a night to remember, filled with exicitement, dissapointment, and triumph. In the end all was said and done, and the athletes with the best combination of putting one down and throwing down fast shit won.