2005 Summer Houston Hash Invitational Beer Mile
Houston, TX

Conditions: 92 degrees, Sunny, winds 8 mph

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created by user donnierb

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Stuart "PP" Muirhead   7:31.0  M40Miller High Life, from can  Fastest Beer Drinker
2. Donnie "Roller" Hall   8:11.2  M44Miller High Life, from can  Chundered After
3. Jake "Manhandler" Everett   8:13.9  M37Miller High Life, from can  Chundered After
4. Jeff "Saran" Jeansonne   8:16.4  M35Miller High Life, from can  Probably fastest running time
5. Tom "Grind" Helm   8:36.2  M39Miller High Life, from can  
6. Kyle "John Boy" Hensley   8:45.6  M39Miller High Life, from can  
7. Adam "Such a Puss" Metry   9:04.2  M37Miller High Life, from can  
8. Mark "Huey" McCoy   9:14.0  M37Miller High Life, from can  Visiting from San Diego
9. JV "Brown Tongue" Eberst   10:32.0  M42Miller High Life, from can  Chundered After, Visiting from San Diego
10. Richard "French Drip" Brown   13:17.0  M37Miller High Life, from can  
11. Jon "Shuttle" Lennard   13:24.0  M39Miller High Life, from can  
12.Abner "Dr. Strange Hash" Burnitt  13:37.0  MMiller High Life, from can  Joined us after running by
13. Havard "Thesoreass" Scott   16:04.0  M41Miller High Life, from can  Visiting from San Diego
14. Danny "Dick the Boy" Taylor Jr.   20:16.0  M37Jim Beam and Cola, from can  

Race Notes:

Invite only event to keep it simple. Held at the 1/4 mile track in Memorial Park in central Houston.

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