2nd Annual Teckub Beer Mile

Conditions: Rainy, wet and cold, lots of wind!

created by user trendsetter

NameTimeSex Beer Notes
1. Derek "derk" McConnery   8:27.0  MCarling, from bottle  couldn't repeat earlier perforamnce
2. Brian "trackgroupie" Henderson   9:59.0  MCarling, from bottle  Huge PB
3. Brent "Kinn" Quinn   10:28.0  MLucky, from bottle  ran in boxers
4.Derek "Mr.Div 1" Howe  11:10.0  MLabbat's Blue, from bottle  First Timer
5. Martin "Mortimor" Grey   12:30.0  MCarlsberg, from bottle  Puked
6.Justin "Lack-Attack" Lackey  15:36.0  MCarling, from bottle  Puked
7.Harrison "PBW" Parks  16:46.0  MLabbat's Blue, from bottle  Puked

Race Notes:

Pretty good results from everyone! weather was terrible.

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