The 2nd Annual Ottawa Beer Mile
Ottawa, ON

Conditions: Rainy, cold

created by user pmcclell

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Mark Wismer   7:45.0  M25Old Milwaukee, from can  Undefeated beer miler
2. Peter McClelland   8:21.0  M22Old Milwaukee, from can  I love 2nd
3. Andrew Howard   9:38.0  M23Old Milwaukee, from can  Wow I have nice legs
4.Jeanne Harfield  9:59.0  F21Old Milwaukee, from can  I beat Vince
5. Ryan Baker   10:02.0  M23Old Milwaukee, from can  Damn that last beer hurt
6.Rob Thomson  10:34.0  M21Old Milwaukee, from can  I also did not like the 4th beer
7.Vincent Goodfellow  12:22.0  M26Old Milwaukee, from can  Napoleon is not a good chugger
8. Andrew Jago   12:34.0  M18Old Milwaukee, from can  C'mon I'm only a youthie
9.Jay Hussak  13:33.0  M23Old Milwaukee, from can  That was a lot harder than I expected

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