Hogan's Hash House Harriers
Toronto, ON

Conditions: Sunny, Clear

Official Race Site

created by user DooHickey

NameTimeSex Beer Notes
1.Zig Zag   12:07.0  MCarlsberg, from can  
2.Kazoo   16:36.0  MCarlsberg, from can  
3. New Shoez   16:36.0  MCarlsberg, from can  
4. Mangina   20:20.0  MCarlsberg, from can  
5.Sleepy   21:30.0  MCarlsberg, from can  
6.Johnny Cockring   23:23.0  MCarlsberg, from can  
7. Cougar   23:40.0  FCarlsberg, from can  
8.Dapper Sapper   27:25.0  MCarlsberg, from can  
9.Half - Wit   40:48.0  FCarlsberg, from can  
10. Shampoo   47:02.0  MCarlsberg, from can  
11.Anal Compulsion   47:37.0  FCarlsberg, from can  
12. Sweet Cheeks   50:00.0  MCarlsberg, from can  
13.Nadia Cum Eat Me   DNF  FCarlsberg, from can  Quit after 1 beer
14.Wet n' Dirty   DNF  FCarlsberg, from can  Quit after 3 beers

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