FSJ Fall Beer Mile (2005)
Fort St. John, BC

Conditions: Cold and windy.

created by user ForeskinJohn

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Sean Surerus   10:22.1  M31Canadian, from can  "I think that I am becoming a better drinker than I was a runner. Damn."
2.Grant Fox  17:54.8  M30Kokanee, from can  "I really felt it at about 1000m. That is when I knew that the penalty lap was going to be a reality for me."
3.Geoff Haines  18:33.2  MKokanee, from can  "I went for it. Then the pain came. Then the tears. What's next?'
4.Don Hogarth  26:57.1  MHeineken, from can  "I can chug a litre of beer at the end of Pub Golf but four little cans really intimidated me."
5.Peter Timmins  DNF  M27Coors Light, from can  "It's my birthday and I want to be able to perform later."

Race Notes:

The first Beer Mile to be held in northern BC was undertaken in cold and windy conditions more appropriate for kite sailing. This was a successful follow up to the very successful Pub Golf event held in August, 2005.

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