The OC Beer Mile
Irvine, CA

Conditions: Warm afternoon evening

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created by user ocbeermiler

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Steven "Return of the Champion" Robinson   7:30.9  MBudweiser, from can  
2. Habib "One Man Relay" Torfi   7:39.0  M48Miller Genuine Draft, from can  
3. Tim Kliegl   8:40.0  M54Modelo, from can  
4. Felix Lopez   9:11.0  M52Budweiser, from can  
5. Dave Kobrine   9:11.6  M44Heineken, from bottle  PW
6.Steve Kobrine  9:47.0  M40Budweiser, from can  No emesis
7. Kathy Kobrine   9:50.0  FBud Ice, from can  3 beers
8. Lindsay McKinley   10:14.0  M40Red Stripe, from bottle  sub 3 at Napa
9. Sandie Kobrine   11:44.0  FHeineken, from bottle  3 beers
10.Lori Kobrine  12:59.0  FHeineken, from bottle  3 beers
11. Charles "Chartmaster" Wilbur   13:46.0  M40Heineken, from bottle  5:42 last beer took almost as long his drive to get to the event
12. Eric Kobrine   14:19.0  MBud Ice, from can  

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